How We Get There

As mentioned before we are a relationship-driven church. We believe that God has laid out three great relationships that are to be the primary pursuits of our lives, individually and corporately. These three are given very specifically to us in John 15.

1. Relationship with Christ Jn. 15:1-11 Key word – “abide”

2. Relationship with fellow-believers Jn. 15:12-17 Key word – “love”

3. Relationship with unbelievers Jn. 15:18-27 Key word – “bear witness”

In essence, John 15 is the template of WaterEdge Community Church. We believe that if we give heart, soul, and strength to abiding in Christ, loving the brethren, and bearing witness to unbelievers that we will bring the greatest glory to God and highest good to others. We make no apologies for seeking to relentlessly focus on these three, for we believe they best enable us to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves. There is a wonderful simplicity to the Christian life that is all too often obscured in the midst of excessive church programs and events.

For these reasons you will find us highly emphasizing:

1. Personal Growth and Bible Study-Nothing but nothing can take the place of quiet, unhurried, extended time alone with God in prayer and scripture meditation. We will provide you with the tools to help you study your bible well.

2. Small Group Opportunities-We especially encourage our people to get into a home group of some sort. Frankly, things happen in a home setting that just don’t within the four walls of the church.

3. Maximizing Natural Spheres of Influence-Taking full advantage of the people God has already placed in our path and seeking to reflect the surprising life of Christ to them.

4. Utilization of Spiritual Gifts-Our desire is to see each believer minister in accord with their spiritual gifts as much as possible.

5. Mentoring and Discipling-We will help mentor and train you to do the same with others.